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The 2021 Centropa Summer Academy

Experience Europe and history from your home—or vacation spot—through city drone tours, speakers, cross-cultural exchanges, Centropa resources, 

and virtual visits to museums and historic sites.

We're offering educators two tracks this summer 


The History Sessions

6-15 July: online presentations and self-directed learning

Four 2-hour online sessions, beginning at

8am PDT/11am EDT/5pm CET/6pm IDT

Click here to see our Virtual CSA program


The Border Jumping Program

1-21 July, including the history sessions

In these workshops, teachers take the content from the history sessions, match it with Centropa's personal stories, and—working with teachers from other countries—create dynamic projects for your students. 

Click here to see our Border Jumping Program Schedule

all sessions begin

8am PDT/11am EDT/5pm CET/6pm IDT


This year year you'll engage with historians, foundation heads and museum directors from Germany, Austria, Greece, Serbia and Israel


Hannah Lessing

Secretary General of the National Fund of the Republic of  Austria for Victims of National Socialism



Edyta Gawron

Historian, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Jewish Studies, Jagiellonian University, Krakow


Michael Brenner

Abenshohn Chair in Israel Studies and Director, Center for Israel Studies, American University, Washington, DC


Tomasz Cebulski

Researcher, owner of Polin Travel, guide and genealogy service in Poland


Leon Saltiel

Historian, member of Greece's delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)


Eliezer Papo

Senior Lecturer at Ben Gurion University of the Negev

20170609-USHMM-8453 (1) (4).jpg

Edna Friedberg

Historian and Senior Program Curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Georgiy Kasianov

Head, Department of Contemporary History and Politics,

Institute of the History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences


Shana Penn

Executive Director of Taube Philanthropies and a scholar-in-residence at the Graduate Theological Union’s Center for Jewish Studies, in Berkeley


Milovan Pisarri

Director of the Center for Public History


Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 12.51.42.png

Martin Dean

Historical Researcher, Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center


Jakub Nowakowski

Director, The Galicia Jewish Museum


This year's Centropa Summer Academy Program:

add to your knowledge base, expand  your skill set

This year’s CSA will consist of: 

  • four history sessions, each focusing on four turning points in 20th century European history and their impact on Jews in Berlin and Vienna, Krakow, Belgrade and Thessaloniki, and Kyiv;

  • the Border Jumping Program (BJP): four hands-on work sessions, designed for educators interested in turning the history session content into projects for their students. Participants will attend an orientation, all four history sessions, one of two workshops, and a final meeting to present their lessons. See below for dates.

​Tuesday, July 6: Germany and Austria on the eve of the Holocaust: 1933-1938

17:00 CET

        Welcome remarks

17:20 CET

Ten things you need to know about German Jewry and Austrian Jews.

Hosted by Edward Serotta + Q&A

17.50 CET

German-Jewish Responses to the Rise of Hitler.

Keynote lecture by Prof. Michael Brenner + Q&A

18:45 CET

Teacher Highlight: Using Centropa's resources related to today's topic, including our project website on November 1938.

19:00 CET

Wrap up

19:15 CET

End of the session.

Thursday, July 8: Poland: The German invasion of Poland in 1939 and the Final Solution

17:00 CET

Virtual tour of Centropa's new exhibition at the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow. Presentation of Centropa's Jewish Krakow App and website based on the biography of Tosia Silberring. Readings of Centropa stories taken from our interviews in Poland.

17:15 CET

       A drone tour of Krakow by Dr Tomasz Cebulski on the history of Krakow before, during, and after World War II. 

       + Q&A

17:40 CET

Polish-Jewish relations - past and present

A roundtable discussion with Edyta Gawron, Jakub Nowakowski and Shana Penn + Q&A

18:20 CET

        Presentation on The Final Solution by representative of the Memorial and Educational Site - House of the

        Wannsee Conference + Q&A

19:00 CET

Teacher highlight: Using Centropa’s Polish resources to teach about German-occupied Poland during World War II.

19:10 CET

Wrap up.


19:15 CET

End of session.

Tuesday, July 13: The destruction of Sephardic Jewry in the Balkans during World War II

17:00 CET

Welcome remarks

17:05 CET

​Centropa Moment

17:15 CET

The history of Balkan Sephardim

Historical lecture by Dr. Eliezer Papo + Q&A

17:50 CET

Presentation on the Staro Sajmiste concentration camp by Milovan Pisarri - 6 April, 1941, marked the German invasion of Yugoslavia and then Greece. We will virtually visit Belgrade's infamous concentration camp Staro Sajmiste, where Jews, Roma, and other persecuted minorities were detained and later murdered.

+ Q&A

18:20 CET

The destruction of Salonika Jewry

Historical lecture by Prof. Dr. Leon Saltiel + Q&A

19:05 CET

Teacher highlight: Presentation of projects with Serbian students on how Centropa's stories from Belgrade are used in Serbian Holocaust Education.

19:15 CET

End of the session.

Thursday, July 15: Operation Barbarossa & the Final Solution on German-occupied territory

17:00 CET

Introductory remarks

Readings from Centropa interviews on June 22, 1941, when Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarossa and invaded the Soviet Union.

17:15 CET

Presentation by Martin Dean on Babyn Yar and the Holocaust by bullets.

17:40 CET

Alex Denisenko will speak on the Holocaust in what is today Western Ukraine, and focus on local sites such as the Janowska concentration camp, established in September 1941 in Lviv.

18:10 CET

Centropa Moment

18:15 CET

        The Politics of Memory

A panel discussion with Georgyi Kasianov, Hannah Lessing, and Tomasz Cebulski, moderated by Edna Friedberg (USHMM)

19:15 CET

End of the session.

Border Jumping Program Schedule

Please note: The history sessions listed above are a key part of the Border Jumping Program.

The sessions listed below are designed to help you bring that history to life for your students. 

All Border Jumping Sessions begin

8am PDT/11am EDT/5pm CET/6pm IDT

Thursday, July 1: Orientation

In this meeting, we will kick off the Border Jumping Program with an ice breaker, presentations of last year's successful Border Jumping projects by the teachers who created them, an overview of Centropa's resources for you to use as you design your projects, and a review the Border Jumping Program expectations and guidelines. If time permits, participants will meet with partners to begin designing projects.

Friday, July 9 - PD

Workshop for teachers who are creating lessons on one of the first two history session topics, either "Germany and Austria on the eve of the Holocaust: 1933-1938" or "Poland: The German invasion of 1939 and the Final Solution."

Friday, July 16 - PD

Workshop for teachers who chose "The Destruction of Sephardic Jewry in the Balkans during World War II" or "Operation Barbarossa and the Final Solution on German-occupied territory"

Wednesday, July 21

Final meeting and presentations of lesson plans

Deadlines for registering:

Border Jumping Program: June 25, 2021

Main program: July 5, 2021


Email Lauren Granite at or Bori Pal at

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